Kevin M. Brooks (lucretio) wrote,
Kevin M. Brooks

I posted here before summer that I failed a class and was going to have to make it up later. It looks like I'll be able to just take the tests and the professor will change my grade. I'll probably do that next semester, but we'll see.

School is going pretty well so far this semester. Film class is fun and easy; Computer Graphics is fun, but not as easy; Structured Analysis is easy, but not really fun; Operating Systems is so-so (I'll know more when I get my first test back); Programming Language is alright; Linear Algebra is just easy.

I was contacted about a possible co-op opportunity this week, but they've decided not to interview me. They just needed someone who could work more hours. I'm not bummed about it, because it would've meant less time for other things and I would have had to drive to Butler in the winter. Anyways, the guy said I should keep my grades up and call them back in January. I'll have a better chance in the spring because I'll only be taking four classes.


Creative Commons is an interesting idea. I've had the idea for a Web-based solution to the management and collaboration of artists on CC-licensed projects. (The CC site has links to sites that list a bunch of works, but I think this would be different.) It would be a little SourceForgeish. It would enforce the CC licenses through software, allowing/disallowing derivatives, etc. If only I had the time and experience...

My list of "ideas" gets longer, never shrinking. None get ticked off. It's a little sad.
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