Kevin M. Brooks (lucretio) wrote,
Kevin M. Brooks

I got the software testing job. I'm really happy about that. Over the three weeks of that job, they'll be evaluating me to see if they want to hire me permanently. I hope they do.

Two of my five grades are in. An A in System Design, and an A in Numerical Analysis, that class I had to make up. I'm really relieved about Numerical Analysis.

Last night I wrote the paper summarizing my independent research project. I think I can look forward to an A for that.

Psychology of Music should be at least a B. I did pretty well on the final, and I did surprisingly well on the big research paper and speech.

I don't have anymore schoolwork to do, and as far as I know I don't need to go back to school for any reason. Commencements will be held in the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum on Wednesday, May 12.

Oh, I'm so glad I have a job.
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