Kevin M. Brooks (lucretio) wrote,
Kevin M. Brooks

I played in a free poker tournament last night. I played pretty tight. So tight that the guy next to me actually noticed: "I wish I had your patience. When you bet, I'm gonna get out of the way." I was waiting for premium hands, which didn't come. That is, until I had about 4,000 in chips left about 1.5 hours in. I got pocket kings; this is one of those premium hands I was waiting for. But by this time a was in a loser's mindset, always willing to fold or check; it didn't even hit me that pocket kings were very good and I should have been able to tell that no one else had anything. Rather than do the right thing by betting or raising, I just checked or called. I won the pot, but I didn't earn enough chips to hold on much longer. I've got a lot to learn before I'm any good, I suppose.
Tags: poker
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