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Kevin M. Brooks's LiveJournal

Tuesday, July 15th, 2003

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11:25 pm

Dave, a guy I know from work, is part of the Fort Wayne meetup for Dean. I may go on August 6th if Andrea wouldn't mind going with me.
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9:58 am

I haven't looked too much into the presidential candidates yet, but from what little I've seen, I'm leaning toward Howard Dean if he wins the Democrat primary. Here's a quote from a recent entry from Lawrence Lessig's blog (, which Dean is guest-blogging this week.

I opposed the war not because I’m a pacifist—I’m not—but because the evidence presented did not justify preemptive war. I opposed needle exchanges for drug addicts until I saw the empirical evidence that showed how such exchanges reduce the spread of disease. I changed my position, and I’m proud of that. Facts are a better basis for decisions than ideology.

Howard Dean is a doctor of medicine and a former Governor of Vermont.
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9:28 am

I was just wondering who wrote the Book of Genesis. A quick search turned up this page (, which gives some interesting information.
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Thursday, July 10th, 2003

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6:25 am

Why there's no "right to privacy" in the Constitution, and why we still have a right to privacy.

read the articleCollapse )

Please re-post this wherever you can.
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Tuesday, July 8th, 2003

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10:21 pm

This is a cool little Flash animation about the Creative Commons license. It's pretty informative and it features a cartoon version of The White Stripes.
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10:37 am

Iraq evidence wrong, White House admits (

More news links (
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Wednesday, July 2nd, 2003

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6:25 am

It's Not Nice To Be Smarter Than Other People (
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Tuesday, June 17th, 2003

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9:24 am

Last night, I finished reading Understanding Comics: the Invisible Art by Scott McCloud. It's a lot deeper than it looks (cover image). I heartily recommend it for anyone who wants to understand comics or Art in general. In the penultimate chapter, McCloud does a kick-ass job of explaining Art in a way in which I've never heard it explained.
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Wednesday, June 11th, 2003

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8:25 am

Here's an interesting (read: nerdy) thought. Most of today's processors use a 32-bit architecture. This means that the most memory a computer can use is 4GB. New processors are coming out that have a 64-bit architecture. These new computers will be able to use 16EB. That is sixteen exabytes, which is a lot. Here's a cool way to think about it: if you wanted to buy a lot computers with 4GB of RAM each, you would need to buy over four billion computers to have a total of 16EB.
4GB  =              4,294,967,296 Bytes
16EB = 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 Bytes

Current Mood: nerdy
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Tuesday, June 10th, 2003

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1:48 pm

If you hear anyone pronounce the article "ye" with a 'y' sound, remember the following: (from

ye1  (th, y) Archaic

[Misreading of ye, from Middle English þe, spelling of the, the (using the letter thorn).]
Usage Note: In an attempt to seem quaint or old-fashioned, many store signs such as “Ye Olde Coffee Shoppe” use spellings that are no longer current. The word ye in such signs looks identical to the archaic second plural pronoun ye, but it is in fact not the same word. Ye in “Ye Olde Coffee Shoppe” is just an older spelling of the definite article the. The y in this ye was never pronounced (y) but was rather the result of improvisation by early printers. In Old English and early Middle English, the sound (th) was represented by the letter thorn (þ). When printing presses were first set up in England in the 1470s, the type and the typesetters all came from Continental Europe, where this letter was not in use. The letter y was used instead because in the handwriting of the day the thorn was very similar to y. Thus we see such spellings as ye for the, yt or yat for that, and so on well into the 19th century. However, the modern revival of the archaic spelling of the has not been accompanied by a revival of the knowledge of how it was pronounced, with the result that (y) is the usual pronunciation today.
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Monday, June 9th, 2003

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1:54 pm
My summer so far

Joe (a guy from one of my classes at school) and I were planning on continuing to work on our group project and starting a university-based programming club this summer. Nothing has happened with that yet.

I've taken a couple guitar lessons from Conser Music. Since I've had some guitar experience and quite a bit of music background, there's not much they can teach me there. My instructor has told me a couple things to try, but I basically need to work on it on my own.

Zakk (a friend from school) has gotten me back into comics. I wanted a hobby, something to collect, so this works out alright. I don't want to go too crazy with it, so I'm just going to try to stick to one title. I've bought several issues of Captain Marvel; comic art sure has improved since 1992. The art in this book is pretty sweet.

A variant cover of issue #1Collapse )

Also, I'd like to get better at drawing. Maybe Zakk and I could put together a comic book some day. I have a lot of work to do before that could happen.

Friday was Andrea and my second anniversary. We watched some episodes of "Malcolm in the Middle" from the DVD set I bought her. She bought me a 32MB Sony Memory Stick. I love her. :-)

We're going to go with her family to South Carolina toward the end of July. That should be pretty fun.
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Tuesday, June 3rd, 2003

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10:46 am

Help save the public domain. This petition is in support of an act of Congress that would make copyright holders pay $1 after 50 years of the copyright in order to keep the copyright. Something like 98% of all copyrights would pass into the public domain after 50 years this way, but it'll let people keep their copyrights longer. Making all copyrights longer stifles the advancement of science and art, which was the reason limited copyrights were specified in the Constitution.

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Sunday, May 25th, 2003

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11:58 am

Absolute hilarity!
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3:04 am

This is so cool:

Current Mood: nerdy
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2:25 am

I am updating with PocketLJ on my Clié. It takes a little too long to write this way, but I'm getting better at it.

Some crappy picturesCollapse )

Current Mood: tired
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Friday, May 23rd, 2003

/ \
1:59 pm
A new toy

I got my Bazaar check yesterday and promptly spent it on a new toy: a Sony Clié SJ22. Not top of the line, but pretty cool for the price. Now, I need a holster for it and I'll look that much more like a computer person. :-)
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Wednesday, May 14th, 2003

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12:31 pm

Funniest stickers ever:
< >

By "funniest" I mean "most idiotic."

<satire>The "Love it or leave it" one is actually based on an often-missed clause in the Constitution. "If any Person is not content with this Government, he shall be expelled from this Nation." People always mistakenly think that the Constitution grants US citizens the right to disagree with their government and replace it with a better government if they wish to, but it doesn't. It says the government is infallible and everyone should just love it or leave it. And it says everyone should believe in God.</satire>
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Tuesday, May 13th, 2003

/ \
11:46 am
Final grades

My final grades for this semester:
COM 323—Bus And Prof Speaking: B
CS 306—Computers In Society: C
CS 384—Numerical Analysis: D
MA 261—Multivariate Calculus: B

One of my worst semesters.

Notice the `D'. I have to take that again. I just signed up for another class for next semester; hopefully, I'll still be able to graduate next spring. Now I'm going to be taking 18 credit hours next semester, plus co-op (if I get it).

Next semester is now:
CS 321—Intro To Comp Graphics
CS 350—Prog Language Design
CS 366—Struct Analysis Tech
CS 472—Operat Systems Design
FILM K101—Introduction To Film
MA 351—Elem Linear Algebra

It may be tough, but I need to make up for this semester.
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/ \
8:44 am
Why I like Mozilla

Why I like Mozilla:
  • Tabbed browsing (image)
  • Just type "/whatever" to search the text; no ctrl-f
  • Just start typing to search for links (or type 'whatever)
  • Disallow pop-ups (unless from a Web site you want them from) and other annoying JavaScript without having to disable all JavaScript
  • Correctly displays PNG's with partial transparency (unlike Internet Explorer)
  • Not Microsoft
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Thursday, May 8th, 2003

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8:09 pm

I feel like shit.

I'm sick; sore throat, headache.

I'm tired.

I could very possibly fail up to 2 (Update: probably one at most, if that) courses this semester. I'll have to wait until Monday Tuesday to see whether or not I squeaked by. If I fail any, I'm going to have to take at least another semester. :'(
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